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Physical Therapy Services


Curtis Cookingham, Founder

Early in 2000, I began working on a detailed business plan, the first step in fulfilling my dream of owning and operating a private practice. I was encouraged by my good friend and successful businessman, Alberto Perez. The name “THRIVE” was chosen early due to the unique and fitting definition of the word as it relates to the practice and purpose of Physical Therapy. My vision has always been to provide the highest quality rehabilitative services in the region by delivering extraordinary customer service, creating an environment of unsurpassed work ethic, and hiring professionals with clinical expertise. Our first patient was seen in August of 2003 and by God’s grace alone, the business has slowly and consistently expanded. I count it a blessing to have found my calling as a Physical Therapist early in life. I can honestly say that after 30 years of direct patient care, I still look forward to each day, working with my team, and serving the unique needs of each patient. I love what I do.

Individualized Care

At Thrive, we do not have a formulaic approach to patient care and patient management, because this approach does not work. Our physical therapists take a detailed medical history, perform a comprehensive musculoskeletal examination, develop a treatment plan, set goals and educate our patients on our findings. Each Thrive patient is managed one-on-one by a licensed physical therapist throughout the full duration of their care. We do not have physical therapy assistants on staff because this model limits continuity of care.


The bar continues to be raised within athletics, and competition among young athletes is no exception. Kids are being encouraged to specialize in one particular sport early in life, as opposed to doing a variety of sports season to season. Single sport athletes often compete for multiple teams throughout the year and are exposed to the same repetitive forces week after week. The repetition required by the sport, combined with the fact that young athletes are still developing, increases the probability of sustaining an over-use injury or worse. The therapists’ approach is focused on education, “active rest”, and sport-specific training. Our management involves careful and regular education and communication with the young athlete, with the parents, and with the coaches.

Treatment Philosophy

Patients at Thrive Physical Therapy experience a “high energy” environment that is friendly and rewarding. We place high value on patient education and appropriately dosed therapeutic exercise for an active treatment approach. Our treatment provides lasting value to the patient long after Physical Therapy ends. Each patient and each injury is unique and therefore, each care plan, exercise program, and rate of progression will be unique. Our therapists are highly trained to treat, manage, and progress each individual patient in a manner that restores function and confidence quickly.


The staff at Thrive Physical Therapy provides and evidence-based approach to rehabilitation by integrating three important elements for each patient: clinical research, clinical expertise, and the unique goals of the patient. By combining these elements with their manual skills, patient education, and specificity in exercise training, the physical therapists at Thrive offer a medically driven, yet uniquely individualized treatment approach.