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Welcome to Thrive Physical Therapy

We' ve built a long standing relationship based on trust

Our primary goal is to help our patients reach their primary goals. The physical therapists at Thrive accomplish this by placing an emphasis on the comprehensive patient evaluation, pertinent education, manual therapy techniques, personalized exercise training, and ongoing re-assessment. Whether you are being treated for an acute injury, a chronic condition, or preparing for/recovering from a surgical procedure, our PTs have the expertise to guide you through the rehabilitation process


At Thrive Physical Therapy, you will receive the highest quality care while achieving the results you need.  We pride ourselves in providing a positive and encouraging environment with friendly, well-trained staff.  We are confident in our ability to help you reach your goals and live a fully functional life.

Patient Resources

Our Philosophy and Core Values

Patients experience an active treatment approach within an environment that is energetic and rewarding. Our team places a high emphasis on patient education and focused therapeutic exercise training. We believe this philosophy provides lasting value to our patients long after formal care ends. It is important to combine clinical excellence with practical solutions as each patient has individual needs and goals.

Core Values

We create an environment that is energetic and challenging in which patients THRIVE

We strive to enhance each patient’s life through professional, compassionate care

We serve our patients, employees, and community with respect, trust, and integrity

We elevate the quality of care we deliver by our passion for our profession

We are proud to be owned and operated by Physical Therapists

Meet Our Team

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Meet our team which is led by Curtis’s 30 years of experience. The Thrive Physical Therapy team has 6 full-time physical therapist who combine for over 65 years of clinical experience. Our highly experienced team is committed to providing excellent patient care from the first point of contact, throughout the full duration of care. We are committed to our profession, our patients, and our community.

Patient Resource

The process of seeking accurate medical advice specific to the diagnosis and treatment of an injury can be overwhelming to patients. Questions such as “Where do I start?”, “Do I need to see a specialist?”, “How can I save time and conserve time and resources?” are common. Our physical therapists are highly trained to answer these questions by performing a detailed evaluation of the injury, developing an appropriate treatment plan, and performing consistent re-assessment throughout your care. If it is determined that the patient needs to see a specialist for further diagnostic information, we can be a valuable resource and link to the community.

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